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Picture Problems…

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So the title says it all “PICTURE PROBLEMS” ahhhhhh!! Very frustrating for a computer dork like me who doesn’t know how to really use a computer. A nice lady named Debbie of Dundee Internet Services ( is trying to help me figure out why our new computer doesn’t want to upload pictures to the site. Hopefully the problem will be resolved very soon so I can get some new artwork posted. Thanks for your patience!!

New Pictures coming soon!

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Tubular 131implosion_67Just an update on the status of the promised artwork that I should be listing by now…

Our computer decided not to work anymore so we got a new computer which is awesome; the not so awesome part is all our pictures being trapped on the old computer! Ahhhh!! So I will be adding new artwork as soon as I can get our old computer to spit out my pictures.

The shop here in town is doing good. Not so much work on the torch lately with the 100 degree weather.