Glass Hummingbird Feeders

The secret to attracting hummingbirds; A Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder with custom glass flower and stainless chainmaille hanger by Head Change Arts! Since we are here to share art, not hummingbird facts; I suggest to learn more about these amazing little creatures.

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misc_hummingbird1b  misc_hummingbird1a  The unique hummingbird feeder is a colaboration of artists! The glass globe has a rubber stopper that holds the flower is position. A custom made stainless steel chainmaille hanger holds the feeder for your hummingbird friends. The glass globe can easily be removed from the hanger for easy cleaning. The glass flower can also be removed if needed. This hummingbird feeder is about 3″ in diameter with a flower that is about 3″ long. The hanger is almost a foot long. Glass created by Lisa. Hanger created by Ryan.


misc_hummingbird2  misc)hummingbird2a  misc_hummingbird2b  misc_hummingbird2cThis is the second glass Hummingbird Feeder with stainless steel hanger that we have created. This feeder features a globe with various colors including blue & green with a vibrant orange and blue flower; the flower is held in place with a rubber O ring. The stainless steel hanger holds the feeder tight for all your little bird friends. The globe and the flower can be removed for easy cleaning. Glass globe and flower created by Lisa and Stainless hanger by Ryan. $100-