Lisa’s Clothing Creations

I have been sewing for about 15 years or so. I am self taught and can not read a pattern; so I draw my own patterns and experiment until I make something that I like. Besides children’s clothes I also make hand bags & purses, adult clothes, wallets, pipe bags and more. Please check back often to see new creations. As always you contact me to ask about any custom order ideas or any other questions you may have: Thank you! 

handcuffs_1  Here you see a fun little set of wrist cuffs for a little girl. I would say a 20-40 pound munchkin would be able to slip these over their little paws. They are about 2 3/4″ long. These particular ones started with a light purple strechy material with layers of the black & white flower pattern material, a white lacy fabric and a varied hue purple and white fabric. They are accented with pick and purple thread. Created by Lisa. $25- 


fabric_skirt1  fabric_skirt1a  fabric_skirt1c  This blue skirt is made from recycled denim & flannel and I add some flowery blue material with a cotton accent on the bottom. This skirt will fit a baby girl from about 2- 4 years old. It has a length of about 12″. Created by Lisa. $35-

fabric_skirt2  fabric_skirt2a  fabric_skirt2b  This pretty patchwork skirt is a bright combination of cotton materials with a sheer lacy kind of fabric sewn along the bottom and across the waist; tie a bow in the front or back, the choice is all hers! This unique skirt has a mixture of blue, pinks and reds. This patchy skirt is about 13 1/2″ long and will fit a baby girl from about 20 – 40 pounds. Created by Lisa. $45-