Magnifying Glasses

We have been making magnifying glasses for some years now; although not very often. We have “Maggies” throughout this beautiful country of ours.  We also make a style we call page readers that have a longer, flatter magnifying area so you can use them to read your favorite magazine or book before bed. You can always email or for information about our handcrafted glass magnifying glasses!

maggie_1  This magnifying glass feature some pretty purple flowers around the base of a simple little birdhouse; against a background of spiraling reds, blues and other lovely colors. Accenting the handle are some amber purple (in varying hues) raised dots for texture. This magnifying glass is about 9″ long, including the magnifier which is about 3″ in length, about 2″ wide and about 2″ at its thickest area. Created by Loren. $150-