Ocean World Sculptures


 Amazing secrets of the deep ocean are revealed by Head Change Arts; beautiful blown glass seashells & glass ocean creatures, artisan made in the USA!

The pieces you find in the catagory is our small way to give tribute to the beauty of the ocean. Maybe you need some “sea-life” for your fishtank or simply want a small reminder of the ocean to sit on your desk at work.  As always you can email lisa@headchangearts.com with custom order ideas or any questions you may have about our handcrafted glass ocean life sculptures! 


oceanlife_seaslug1  oceanlife_seaslug1a  oceanlife_seaslug1c

This seaslug was captured from the deep depths of the ocean to make an apperance on our website! This little slug (asexual actually) is coming in at a solid 2 1/8″ long being 3/4″ at its widest part. Sitting in a fishtank or on your desk bring a little bit of ocean home with you. Created by Lisa. $35-


oceanlife_octopus1 oceanlife_octopus1a  This blue octopus could be found lurking in your fishtank waiting for its dinner to go swimming by. With eight legs and big eyes this octopus is sure to be a crowd please hanging out on your desk or in your window. This unique octopus is about 4″ tall and has a stance of about 3 1/2″ wide. Created by Loren with some additions by Lisa. $80-