Implosion Pendants

implosion_312  This Glass Implosion Pendant has an exotic blue, green and white mountain growing in it. The background is made with a multi-colored red to bring out the depth of the mountain. This pendant is 2 1/2″ long and a fat 3/4″ at its widest. The hole for hanging is 1/4″ wide by 3/4″ tall; perfect for something thicker like a hemp necklace or chunky beaded necklace. Created by Lisa. $45-


implosion_300  This pendant has a ghostly white spiral growing up through the center. The white was actually created by burning pure silver onto the glass then drawing a design over the silver with clear glass. The silver is then “trapped” in the glass. It then needs some sort of background to make the silver stand out. Without a background the spiral would be transparent. This pendant is 2 1/4″ long and about 1″ at its widest part. The hole for hanging is a fat 1/4″+. Created by Lisa. $40- 

implosion_301  This implosion pendant features a white flower burst with red tails. The black background makes the flower stand out. This pendant is 2″ long and 3/4″ wide with a 1/8″ hole for hanging. Created by Lisa. $25-

 implosion_58 This bright yellow implosion pendants features a neat color called Disco Sparkle. When Disco Sparkle is first heated it bubbles and cracks but by the end of the process all you see is a silver sparkley color that turns out smooth with no bubbles. This pendant is 2 1/4″ long and a little more than 1 1/4″ at its widest part. The hole for hanging is about 1/4″ wide. Created by Loren. $50- 

implosion_60This implosion pendant titled “Be Love”  is a pretty mix of black, white, blues and a few shades of green. This pendant is 2″ long and almost 1″ wide with a 1/4″ hole for hanging. Created by Lisa. $30-  


 implosion_61 This pendant reminds me of a tornado of color. This pendant features a peach color, blues, greens and red with a dark blue background. This pendant is almost 4″ long and 1 1/4″ at its widest part with a 1/4″+ hole for hanging. This pendant is on the heavier side weighing in at 2.87 ozs. Created by Loren. $55- 

implosion_66   Another beauty featuring blues, greens, yellows, purple and reds. This pendant is 4″ long and 2″ wide with a fat 1/4″+ hole for hanging.  Another fatty weighing in at 3.73 ozs. Created by Loren. $110- 


implosion_62  This very unique implosion pendant titled “Don’t Discrime” features some very vibrant oranges,pink and blues with a pretty greenish/blue celestial background. This pendant is 3 1/4″ long and 1″ at its widest with a 1/4″ hole for hanging. Created by Loren. $50- 

implosion_67  This beautiful pendant is quite eye catching. There is a muli-colored corkscrew growing through the center set against the same multi-colored dots with a translucent blue background.This pendant titled “Time?” is 3 3/4″ long and 1 1/8″ wide with a fat almost 1/2″ hole for hanging. Created by Loren. $65-


 implosion_302  This implosion pendant backed with a brilliant blue is titled “Truth”. This pendant is 2″ long, 3/4″ wide and has a 1/4″ hole for hanging. Created by Lisa. $35-