Pendants & Beads

What is a pendant? We make miniature glass worlds that come equipped with a hook so that it can be worn around your neck. Maybe your a simple black cord kind of person; or perhaps you like big, chunky necklaces. Here we are to help you!

What is a mushroom pendant? Just what it says: a pendant with a fungi growing in it. Mushroom pendants are one of the first things I learned how to make. Now years later we have gotten to the point where we can add dots to the cap and gills to the underside.

What is a Rod Pendant? A rod pendant is a pendant that begins from a solid rod of glass. They usually start from a clear piece of glass but lately we have also worked with solid black rod. The black rod paired with the pure white is pretty cool.

What is an Implosion Pendant? An implosion pendant actually starts from a solid rod of glass. Color is added to it; then a process of smashing, pushing and melting starts. Gravity helps out a lot in the process of creating an implosion pendant. The colored design we create implodes into the clear glass to create the three-dimensional beauties listed on our site.

What is a Honeycomb Pendant? A honeycomb pendant start out from a hollow piece of glass. Through a crazy process of blowing, drawing and melting we create the honeycomb pendants you see.

Okay…one more question: what is a Tubular Pendant? Well as you can guess a tubular pendant has something to do with tubes. Tubular pendants start out from hollow tubes of clear glass. Once again through a process of blowing, drawing and melting tubular pendants are born.


Hey wait…I ordered a pendant, how do I wear it? All our pendants come with a synthetic black silk cord. We can also create a custom necklace for you from handcrafted glass beads, gems and minerals or good ole’ hemp. You can also have a pendant put on a custom made Chainmaille necklace made from military grade steel or perhaps sterling silver. Please tell us what you want!

With your unique style needs and our unique creative designs we will make you the perfect neck attire. In the past we have also sold pendants to people to use to hang on Christmas trees, to hang in rear-view mirrors, in windows and as fan pulls. Maybe you don’t wear jewelry and you just want an amazing piece of art to sit on your desk.

Whatever your need, we can help!

Hey, I don’t see any beads on this site!

Don’t you worry…they are coming. Within the next month or so I will have sets of handcrafted hard and soft glass beads listed for you beading needs.