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We’re Back!!

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Its been a minute since we have added any new art pieces; we are back with new artwork including beaded jewelry, glass, loom knit hats and more! Check back soon.

Back from the fair!!

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We have been busy with the county fair the last few weeks…but we are back. I will be adding new artwork including chainmaille jewelry, glass of all kinds and some handcrafted babygirl clothes to the webpage in the next few days; don’t forget to check back!

New Artwork

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I have been adding new art almost everyday. Having the freedom to finally upload pictures to the computer is super awesome. We are on vacation right now at the beach…but we will be back at the shop this afternoon creating more glass.



The picture below is not glass (not yet anyways). These are actual slugs that have been found in the ocean. I was looking for ideas for glass creations; thought everyone else might enjoy the picture.seaslug

WooHoo!! I can download pictures…

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After a small hangup with our old computer where it bit the dust; we are back in business. I will be working everyday to add new art to the website. Eventually everything here in our glass/art studio will be listed. Check back soon!

Picture Problems…

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So the title says it all “PICTURE PROBLEMS” ahhhhhh!! Very frustrating for a computer dork like me who doesn’t know how to really use a computer. A nice lady named Debbie of Dundee Internet Services ( is trying to help me figure out why our new computer doesn’t want to upload pictures to the site. Hopefully the problem will be resolved very soon so I can get some new artwork posted. Thanks for your patience!!

New Pictures coming soon!

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Tubular 131implosion_67Just an update on the status of the promised artwork that I should be listing by now…

Our computer decided not to work anymore so we got a new computer which is awesome; the not so awesome part is all our pictures being trapped on the old computer! Ahhhh!! So I will be adding new artwork as soon as I can get our old computer to spit out my pictures.

The shop here in town is doing good. Not so much work on the torch lately with the 100 degree weather.

The Yarn is here!

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Our shop is the proud new parent of some awesome handcrafted yarn. Over the weekend we had the delightful experience of going to the Pacific Ocean and visiting some special friends on the coast. While on the coast we managed to snag some beautiful novelty yarn handcrafted by Janet of Aunty Janets Fiber Mill. We are very blessed to get  yarn from this 25 year yarn master. We have a nice variety of colored acid bath dyed yarns; some fancy and some simple styles. I will be posting pictures very soon.

As far as other news from the shop…just staying busy and hot. I know its summer time when I get off the torch with a sunburn!!

Current Shop News

Current News

implosion_58    implosion_66Well lets see…current news ehh??

We have been: planting, digging, watering, watching kids, going to festivals with our glass, chasing after dogs and smacking mosquitos.

What about the glass shop you ask? We have been working hard to make sure the shop is open Tuesday – Saturday. We have had a very positive response from the community adding Saturday to our hours. We are also adding new artwork (non-glass) on a monthly basis. We just brought in the amazing fractal art prints by our friend Mike Crowley. He has been working with fractels for about 25 years and he is truly a master of his craft. Coming soon we will feature skateboards and accessories handcrafted in the good ole’ USA. Hopefully in the next week or so we will get a great big package of handcrafted yarn coming from beautiful Whitethorn, California located on the coast. We have had the awesome experience to meet an amazing fiber artist who raises the sheep, shears them and does the complete process to provide to the world some of the most beautiful, award winning yarn.

Thats all for now. Check back in to see new artwork added to the site and new current news to find out what we are doing with our shop…located in the beautiful mountains of Northern California!


The HCArts crew